T.3.R. Card Mechanical Stress Tester


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T.3.R. '3 wheels' Mechanical Stress Tester

The methods being used and the points to be checked comply with ISO and EMV standards. The MasterCard CQM specifications are also observed..

T.3.R. Mechanical Stress Tester

This simple and flexible implementation system can be adjusted :
- By cross positioning by a micrometric bearing.
- By pressure onto the component, the applied force being measured by a sensor associated to a programmable conditioner.

The chip card is positioned into a fixed support at X and Y and can freely deform on the Z axis.The component compressing system is achieved by means of a dovetailed rail controlled by a button. The compression value (0 to 30 N) is ensured by the force sensor which is laid out between the wheel and the rail. The stress value is displayed on the programmable conditioner. The wheels centre is positioned by means of a micrometric bearing allowing for a 36 mm stroke centered on the card axis. The 40 mm lengthwise movement is obtained by means of a connecting rod/ crankshaft mechanical device driven by a 30 rd/mn. motoreducer (0.5Hz) The number of test cycles is defined by the user via a programmable meter. A wear meter positioned at the back of the of the equipment determines the number of runs on the machine.

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