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All-in-one, analyzer and reader for contact smart cards and NFC capable mobile handsets using ISO7816 and SWP protocols.

ContactLAB is the most complete tool on the market for ISO 7816 and SWP system validation. ContactLAB and the Raisonance Generic Protocol Analyzer (RGPA) provide control of the full range of reader/card parameters, non-intrusive signal capture and analysis and support of ISO 7816 and SWP protocols to allow the most thorough testing of contact card systems.

ContactLAB specifically addresses the challenges of ISO 7816 protocol validation for contact smart cards and Single Wire Protocol (SWP) validation for (U)SIM for NFC enabled mobile handsets. WIth firmware-based functionalities it encompasses the roles of a fully programmable laboratory reader, protocol analyzer and card emulator with a signle platform that can be tailored to meet user needs and budgets.

- ContactLAB delivers exceptional ease-of-use for a high-performance laboratory tool with:
- PCSC driver for plug-and-play connection
- Open API interface
- Graphical interface for intuitive control of reader parameters and triggering
- Easy navigation of captured signals with search, filtering, markers and zoom
- Rapid access to protocol level descriptions of all communication transactions.

With Raisonance General Purpose Analyzer (RGPA), ContactLAB provides full, easy control of the complete range of reader parameters to facilitate comprehensive testing of contact smart card interfaces. Advanced real-time communication stream analysis and trigger configuration interface make it easy to generate triggers in real time for synchronizing external tools such as an oscilloscope. Triggering events can be a simple (start or end of bit/byte/frame, parity or CRC error) or more complex patterns. RGPA also provides easy control of the protocol analyzer functions, easy to read and navigate graphical representation of all signals, plus a complete display of descriptions for all protocol-level transactions for IS 7816 and SWP.

For user application integration, connection to ContactLAB is facilitated by:
- Plug-and-play PC-SC driver
- COM automation interface (VB, JScript, Perl, C)
- Application Programmable Interface (API)

Hardware tailored to user needs
ContactLAB is available with the following firmware-based functionalities:

- SC-ContactLAB-7816SPY - ISO 7816 protocol analyzer
- SC-ContactLAB-SWPSPY - SWP protocol analyzer
- SC-ContactLAB-7816 - ISO 7816 programmable reader
- SC-ContactLAB-SWP - SWP programmable reader
- SWP emulator

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