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NFC & SWP Test Tools

Tools for characterization, validation, interoperability testing and certification of Near Field Communication capable mobile handsets.

The combination of ContactLAB for contact cards and the ProxiLAB/ProxiSPY tools for contactless smart cards, provides everything that component manufacturers, handset manufacturers and NFC solution implementers require for interoperability testing and certification of NFC capable handsets and related components. For developers of NFC capable devices, Raisonance tools are ideal for validating interoperability and protocol implementation for all relevant contact protocols (SWP, HDLC, ISO 7816) and contactless protocols (ISO 14443, NFC, FeliCa, ISo 15693).

Raisonance tools combine in platforms for NFC mobile phones to:
- Observe & analyze protocol implementation
- Characterize & test contactless front end
- Characterize & test UICC (SIM cards)

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