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ProxiLAB3 - Contactless Smart Card and Reader Emulation

All-in-one, analyzer and reader for contact smart cards and NFC capable mobile handsets using ISO7816 and SWP protocols.

Test, certify contactless smart cards, readers and NFC capable systems
Raisonance ProxiLAB3 provides all-in-one solution covering full range of conformity test and certification requirements for 13.56 Mhz contactless smart cards and card readers, as well as for mobile phones and objects for Near Field Communications (NFC).

With ProxiLAB3, a single platform is capable of emulating signals from contactless smart cards, card readers and mobile phone (all modes of operation - passive, active, peer-to-peer). This all-in-one solution is supported by:
- Full control of emulated signal parameters
-Analog and digital level test capability
- Automated hardware configuration
- Protocol analysis for a complete range of 13.56 Mhz protocols
- Raisonance industry-leading demodulation technology
- ISO 10373 conform test assemblies
- ISO 10373 conform PICC reference probes
- Functional Configurations
- ProxiLAB3 users benefit from software-based functional modularity that allows them to by the capabilities they need. Users can easily and quickly upgrade ProxiLAB3 to meet future test requirements. For example a reader manufacture with current requirements for digital level test capability of ISO 14443 communications, can order just the hardware platform and ISO 14443 PICC emulation capability to meet that current need. However, the user can always add capabilities for, as an example, PICC analog-level emulation capability for ISO 14443 and/or NFC PICC emulation capability when the need to test such protocol arises.

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