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ProxiSPY - Contactless Smart Card Protocol Analyzer

ProxiSPY offers the most advanced laboratory solution designed specifically to address diagnosis of analog and protocol-level interoperability problems in contactless smart cards, readers, NFC mobile phones and other systems. ProxiSPY covers a complete range of contactless protocols for 13.56 MHz communications and offers state-of-the-art probe technology that maximizes reliability with minimized intrusiveness...

All-in-one solutioníK - ISO 14443 (A, B)
- NFC (IP1, IP2)
- FeliCa
- ISO 15693
- Analog and Protocol levels
- Proven platform for protocol analysis
- Easy and sure capture, analysis results
- Probes optimized for non-intrusiveness
- Integration for full visibility of NFC ecosystem

Probe technology

Raisonance probe technology is the result of research that optimizes the ease of signal capture while minimizing the impact of capture on the observed systems. Raisonance has specially designed probes for capture with standard card formats and nonstandard objects using smaller antenna sizes such as NFC mobile phones, key fobs, USB keys and tags. Thanks to its efficiency, precision and ease-of-use, ProxiSPY is the ideal diagnostic tool for your development, implementation, support and maintenance teams.

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